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Welcome to Grace Beginnings Preschool! We are delighted to enter into a partnership with you in the beginning of your child’s whole learning process. We believe that these beginning years of a child’s life are critical to their overall development. 


Our goal is to provide quality learning and nurturing care in a Jesus filled environment for children who are 3-years-old through 4-years-old. We are grateful for the trust you are placing in us with your most precious children. Our heart is to serve your family well.


  • We believe children learn best through play, so our teaching and instruction is fun and memorable.

  • We are committed to participating in healthy community.

  • We stand firm on biblical truth and live in love.


We want to foster each child’s natural curiosity that leads to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

1. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Grace Beginnings Preschool will provide a safe, fun, and comfortable place for children to grow and play. Large and small motor activities are designed to develop body coordination and manual dexterity appropriate for the child’s age and ability. We believe that children learn more by doing rather than being filled with facts.

2. EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: We are committed to helping each child build trust and connection through the care they receive. We believe that more is “caught” than “taught”, so our staff will always respond with grace and kindness.

3. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: We will help children become aware of others and respond in kindness. We will also help them to achieve self-confidence in relating to the other adults and children by promoting friendly, understanding relationships. We want to instill in each child a sense of personal responsibility for the world that God created.

4. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT: Children learn more and learn faster when the adults in their world comfort them, smile at them, talk to them, and play with them. As they grow older, children learn most efficiently through child centered discovery based activities. At Grace Beginnings, children will have ample opportunity to explore and interact with the world around them. We recognize children’s need for order, so we will help them organize and arrange.

5. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: Each child will experience nurture, kindness, respect,
love, and forgiveness. The Bible will not only be taught but also modeled and practiced. Children will learn worship songs and Bible verses.

Register your Child

Register your child for Grace Beginnings Preschool! In order to register, there is a one time payment of $200. You can register by clicking the link below.

Our purpose at Grace Beginnings

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